Access Statement

Access Statement for Beaumont Guest House, Castle Hill, Seaton, Devon EX12 2QW
Sea front guest house with 35 yard gentle rising slope to front door. En-suite ground floor room available. No special facilities for the disabled, though it is accessible for people with limited ability, with wide doors and wide shallow threshold.
Half mile long esplanade just 50 yards from door, after crossing a one way road. Buses to all parts of East Devon and beyond start from outside of our driveway, or just 50 yards further on.
·     We have a website with many access points.
·     We have a brochure available that can be requested by post. 
·     We have email contact.
·     We have telephone access 01297 208328
·     No facilities exist for Braille or enlarged script and we do not anticipate them being provided.
·     We have information on bus and train services, along with taxis.
·     The town is a 2 minute walk away, with ample eating places.

Arrival &Car Parking Facilities
·     Arrivals between 4pm &6.30 pm (16.00 to 18.30) unless by prior arrangement.
·     We have space for six cars by prior arrangements and conditions apply. 
·     There is free parking to the rear and side of the property between the hours of 18.00 and 09.00 (17.00 – 10.00 with free 1hr parking).
·     The drive is tarmac and has a dropped kerb access.
·     Signage is clear and illuminated.
·     Entrance drive is a gentle upward slope of 35 yards.
·     Access is by front door bell or knocker. Arrival times need to be confirmed.
Main Entrance/Reception Area
·     No alternative entrance available. Front door opens into a small conservatory by way of a very low threshold.
·     Step to main front door is 3 inches high. No ramps, rails etc.
·     Background music is provided at breakfast time at an acceptable level.
·     No Opening times. All guests have a key to their room and the front door and are treated as independent persons. Additionally guests are provided with a key for the porch door which is locked at the end of the day. To exit the property the lock is fitted with a thumb turn opener to alleviate the requirement of a key.  We rely on guests to ensure that our security is properly maintained at all times and no doors are left open.
·     No reception area as such, but corridors are wide and there is a space to sit in the conservatory and just inside the front door.
·     Lighting is normal house lighting with a security light at the front door.
Pubic Areas – Hall, Stairs, Landing, Corridors etc
·     There are No lifts etc at the Beaumont
·     All doors are fire doors with self-closing spring action.
·     Floors carpeted throughout.
·     No baby changing facilities other than in guest rooms.
·     All rooms are shower en-suite and have TV and radio/alarms. No adapted facilities.
·     Lighting is excellent, natural by day and standard household by night.
·     No guest telephone available.
·     Public phone box just around the corner from drive.
·     All signage is standard for guest houses, with no adaptations.
Public Areas
·     Toilets available in all rooms.
·     There is no public sitting room. All rooms have chairs and are comfortably appointed.
·     The ground floor dining room is available for writing, games etc.
·     There is one ground floor room. Others are on the first floor, which is accessed by wide, shallow stairs, 16 to half landing and 4 from half landing to rooms.
·     All corridor areas are wide in the typically Victorian way.
Public Toilets
·     No public toilets available. All are in the rooms.
Breakfast Room
·     The breakfast room is on the ground floor.
·     All tables are solid pine and can be moved around to suit requirements.
·     No laundering facilities.
Shower-room &Toilet
·     All rooms have en-suite facilities.
·     There are no shared bathrooms.
Additional Information
·     The Guest House has a commercial fire detection and alarm system. Evacuation procedures are posted in each room.
·     Emergency lighting is installed in the common areas on the stairs and entrance area on the ground floor
·     The house is very easy to evacuate in an emergency.
·     Door signs are available in each room to hang on the outside handle of the room door to indicate that a guest may require assistance to evacuate the building.
·     No special staff training given, we are a husband and wife team, if additional staff are to be appointed then training would be given as required.
·     All guests treated as independent.
·     Medication can be stored in a guest fridge in the breakfast room but remains the guests responsibility.
All rooms are furnished to a good standard with furniture that is practical without hindering free movement.
Bedside lamps are provided adjacent to each side of the beds on bedside cabinets.
The bedding provided comprises of 10.5 tog quilts of hollow fibre filling.
Each guest has two pillows of hollow fibre filling.
The flooring in the rooms is close pile carpet, with en-suite flooring of non-slip vinyl or non slip ceramic floor tiles depending on room choice.
Contact Information
Address:         Beaumont Guest House, Castle Hill, Seaton, Devon EX12 2QW
Telephone:    01297 20832
Future Plans
No future plans to make alterations or purchase specialist equipment.
No adjustments to service.
We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve, if you have any comments please phone 01297 20832 or email
Rev. 20thDecember 2018
Rev.  7thJanuary 2019


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